Osterfen are UK breeders of Whippets and Siamese in Lincolnshire & sometimes have Puppies and Kittens for sale.
Sally Gibbins
357 Harlaxton Road,
NG31 7JT
Tel 01476 979051
            "Adsetam Little - Tinker"
TICA. Regional Winner: Supreme Grand Champion
FIFE.  International Champion
20th Best Allbreed Cat 
9th Best Allbreed Shorthair Cat 
2nd Best of Breed Siamese in Northern Europe 2008/2009.
10th Best Allbreed in the UK.
Mika was also Top Red Point Siamese in the World with Tica. 2008/2009

"This is Mika"
This is "Eys"
Welcome to the Siamese Page
"Lifetime Achievement International Winner.Regional Winner. Supreme Grand Champion. Alario Eysling"
Regional 15th Best All Breed Cat 2013/2014
Regional 7th Best Shorthair Cat 2013/2014
International 16th Best Shorthair Cat 2012/2013
International 2nd Best of Breed Siamese 2012/2013
Regional Best Shorthair Cat 2012/2013
Regional 2nd Best All Breed Cat 2012/2013
Regional Best of Breed Siamese 2012/2013
14th Best All Breed Kitten 2011/2012
Best Siamese Kitten 2011/2012
Best Chocolate Point Siamese 2011/2012
In Western Europe
This is"Geisha"
International Winner, Regional Winner,
"Supreme Grand Champion Osterfen Geisha"
25th All breed International Cat. 2014/2015
13th Shorthair International Cat. 2014/2015
2nd Allbreed Regional Cat. 2014/2015
Best Shorthair Regional Cat. 2014/2015
Best of Breed Regional Oriental Shorthair. 2014/2015
Champion"Osterfen Penny Arcade"

This is "Penny"
This is Heidi.
Supreme Grand Champion Alter Regional Winner Osterfen Choc Eys.
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This is "Freya"
"Regional Winner. Quadruple Grand Champion Sensay Sister Act"
Best Oriental Shorthair 2016/2017
24th Best ShorthairCat 2016/2017
in Western Europe.
This is " Silla"
"Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Sensay Silla Black"
16th Best Allbreed / 8th Best Shorthair Cat /
Best of Breed Oriental Shorthair in Western Europe 2009/2010.
Silla was also Top Black Oriental Shorthair in the World with Tica 2009/2010 & 2010/2011
Silla sadly past away at the beginning of 2011. but she remains in our hearts and all those who knew her.
8th Best All Breed Alter 2015/2016.
Best Siamese Alter 2015/2016.